Suggestions On How To Say “I Miss/Missed You” Without Using Words

Education, work commitments and busy schedules often keep us on our toes and on the run. If you’re lucky, you’ll have your loved ones by your side when you have to go through these. But if you are not, then chances are that your loved ones might get a little neglected because of how busy you are.

Saying “I miss you” is easy, and definitely sound better than “I missed you too” somehow. But if you want them to really feel that you missed them, then show them that. Here are our suggestions on how you can do so.

Bundled up joy

Have you ever thought of how amazing a flower can be? We use them to say hi, or I love you…and even I’m sorry. You can also use them to show your loved ones how much they are being missed. Find a UAE flower delivery service operating around your loved one’s work area, and using them, send your loved one a bouquet. You can send out a heartfelt message; but often, the simple “I miss you” is enough. This method works, regardless to whether your loved ones are in a different town, country, or even a different part of your work building.

An unscheduled meal

This can work even paired up together with your flowers. Simply grab them, and head out for a brunch or lunch. It’ll feel better if you can bring homemade food, and have a mini picnic somewhere private (even the rooftop of their office building); but if you’re don’t have the culinary skills, then a restaurant works perfectly well too. Apart from this, you can simply appear at their doorstep around the time you expect them to head home from work; whisk them off for a meal afterwards.

Pictures of the good times

Most people own smartphones now-a-days. And if you own a smart phone, no doubt you have many pictures of the two of you in your happy days. Send them one of these pictures along with a message along the lines of “I want to see your face” or “I miss your voice” or even “send me a voice message”. Trust us, it’ll let them know how much you’ve missed them.

The best way to say it without words

This, without a doubt, is a fail proof way to say “I have missed you” when you meet them; give them a long and tight hug. There’s something magical about hugs that convey to the receiver your love for them. And the tighter and longer the hug lasts, also conveys to them how much they’ve been missed. And really, who doesn’t feel happier after hugging their loved ones?

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