How Has Technology Helped Make Our Lives Better?

For better or worse the advancement of technology has brought about major and drastic changes to our lives and how we work. From smartphones that have the power of personal computers and amazing cameras that help us take crystal clear pictures in low light, life is so much easier for humans than it used to be. This does not apply just in our leisure aspect of life, but also has affected how we work and how we live. Due to major advancements in the car industry, it is easier for us travel from point A to point B and we can also do it more comfortably.

Thanks to strides made by the elevator companies in UAE, it is possible for us to cover huge vertical distances in no time with almost no effort and this is done with utmost safety.

There was a time when elevators cables were known to snap and send the box crashing downwards resulting in death or serious injury, but the advancements nowadays allow us to cover vertical distances of up to 600m at a mind blowing speed of 60km/h. this helped humans to develop tall skyscrapers and build vertically instead of horizontally. They are also extremely helpful in hospitals where patients in stretchers can be taken up floors to different divisions without the hassle of having to use stairs. Recommended reading this article to find out more also about hydraulic lifts.

The development of better home appliances allowed home owners to work less by automating most jobs that would otherwise consume a lot of time and effort. Washing clothes was something that required hours of back hurting effort but nowadays all you are required to do is load the clothes into the machine. The internet has helped bring the whole world closer. You can easily video call family members and friends from thousands of miles away with ease. The array of social networks ensures that we are never too far away from our loved ones. With resources like eLearning, it is much easier for student to learn nowadays. With detailed tutorials and clear and crisp images of every tiny detail, technology has made it easy to tackle complicated subjects and topics. It has also made it easier for the poor children to continue their studies. GPS facilities and such on mobile phones allow us to track our fitness routines, how much calories we burn and if we are getting enough sleep. The internet has made it easier for businesses to promote their companies and services to a large audience. It can be used for crowdsourcing among many other important uses. It also allows us to easily checkup information and increase our general knowledge.

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