How To Earn Money With Your “Shutter Skills”?

We live in a time and age where technology makes everything happen for us, just with a slight tap of our finger tips. Smart phones are a blessing in so many ways; most of all, in their aid in helping us figure out our talents and how to cultivate and improve them. Then there’s the internet—which we can’t even imagine surviving without now-a-days.
If you have a talent in photography or video capturing and editing; and don’t know how to use it in order to make money, then here are the suggestions that our experts have for you. Read ahead to find them.
Part time and special occasion camera man
Are you someone who publishes work online in social media platforms? Do you have a decent fan following? Do you often get asked if you are a professional photographer? If the answers to the before mentioned questions were yes, then consider half your work done. Using your “fame” and talent, set up your social media website so that it’s your personal “gallery”. Mention that you’re willing to work for the correct price (and all other conditions). Trust us, we know many a freelance cameraman who have started their careers this way.
Visualizing and being creative
Are you someone who’s better with “motion pictures” than food, people and jewelry that stays still? Are you creative and able to visualize and direct a short movie? Are you a film student (or graduate)? If the beforementioned questions describe you, then perhaps you should try your hand at short movies. With the correct training, and recognition, a DOP cameraman can earn quite a lot. Besides the money, it’s also a great way to put your education to use; and it’s a fun and challenging job as well.
Vlogging in social media platforms and making use of your fame
Video sharing websites and platforms like YouTube are the perfect place to begin your journey as a vlogger. It’s true that most of these sites and platforms pay their popular uploaders. But apart from making money through this, you can also use it as a medium to promote your actual interests. For example, you could use your popularity as a vlogger to promote and advertise your own products, or products that you are being payed to promote. Just make sure that you mention it in your videos (that you’re promoting it) to avoid disappointing your followers. This is besides the money you can make on advertisements playing on your vlog or video.